VI Peel

VI Peels

Vitality Institute Peels are a popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure that targets sun damage, acne, oily and aging skin. There are five different types of VI Peels to choose from and each are designed for different skin types and depth of the peel needed to achieve your desired result.


WiQo / PRX-T33

Commonly referred to as the “No peel, chemical peel” this bio-revitalizer penetrates the skin for a smoothing effect. These peels are very popular because they have zero down time and are totally painless! Unlike its peel counterparts WiQo/ PRX-T33 can also be used on the decollete area, inner arms and thighs.

ZO Peels

ZO Peels

Created by a dermatologist, ZO peels are one of our most popular treatments. This three part system penetrates deep into the skin it helps treat brown spots, uneven skin tone, melasma, enlarged pores and more. This type of treatment should be planned in advance as we need to prep the skin prior to your peel.