What are Neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators are a non-surgical way to help fight wrinkles and smooth skin. These wrinkle relaxing injections contain the botulinum toxin. The injection is placed right under the muscle allowing it to relax and is what gives the skin a smooth and youthful appearance. Revolution Aesthetics and Wellness offers Dysport and Xeomin to patients in The Woodlands, Magnolia and surrounding area. In addition to a healthy glow, neuromodulators are used to help treat TMJ, hyperhidrosis and migraines.

Man Having Botox Treatment At Beauty Clinic
Serine young woman is getting facial botox injection. Beautician hands in gloves holding syringe near her face
Close up of beautician expert's hands injecting botox in female forehead.

Common Neuromodulator Placement

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on and around the forehead. Neuromodulators are commonly placed between the eyebrows, also known as the “11” lines or glabella, the vertical lines in the forehead and around the eye where crow’s feet form. It is important to speak with your injector about the results you would like to see since they are dependent on placement.

Neuromodulator Results in Magnolia, TX

The benefits of neuromodulator injections are they require no recovery time. The injections are safe and quick. Results are seen in as little as 72 hours and maximum results will begin showing 1-2 weeks after treatment. Muscles will remain relaxed for 3-4 months and it is recommended that you come back in to touch up trouble areas. Neuromodulator treatments can also be paired with dermal filler treatments.

Neuromodulator Aftercare

The benefit of neuromodulators is there is no recovery time. However, there are precautions that should be taken to maintain desired results.

  1. Keep your head up and avoid laying down the first 4-6 hours. It would be best if you were extra cautious the first few hours to prevent unwanted complications and negative side effects.
  2. Avoid sleeping on your face the first night. You want to make sure the product stays in the desired area.
    Do not rub or massage the treated area. We get it, the muscles may feel uncomfortable after your injections. Rubbing can cause increased stress in those areas.
  3. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours. Alcohol thins the blood and can lead to bruising.
  4. Avoid strenuous activities for 24-48 hours. This will help prevent your blood pressure from rising and minimize bruising risk.

Xeomin or Dysport

This is a common question here at Revolution Aesthetics & Wellness. Xeomin and Dysport are both phenomenal products and usually it comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few main differences.

Xeomin was created to be “cleaner” than its competitors because it has removed the proteins from the injection. The protein load in other products may be associated with patients not seeing results over long term use.

Dysport hit the market in 2009 and has been approved in 69 countries. Unlike its competitors Dysport affects a larger treatment area. Results tend to show in 2-3 days and seems to work stronger.

Chat with your injector today! Depending on your desired results and treatment areas one product may work better than the other.


Abnormally excessive sweating involving the extremities, underarms, and face, usually unrelated to body temperature or exercise. Sweating is embarrassing, it stains clothes, ruins romance, and complicates business and social interactions causing unnecessary anxiety. Botulinum Toxin injections are FDA approved for underarm use.

This treatment temporarily blocks the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands; therefore, reducing severe sweating. The effects can last 4-12 months, even longer in some cases. Minimal discomfort with treatment and takes 30-45 minutes.

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